How to customize DAP Login Form

Steps to customize your DAP Login Form:

Say you are using this shortcode on your login page and want to customize the style:

[DAPLoginForm template="template5" redirect=""]

(Use the redirect tag to redirect users to whatever page you want post-login)

1. FTP to your site.

2. Visit /wp-content/plugins/DAP-WP-LiveLinks/includes/login/templates/template5 folder.

3. You'll find style.css and template5.html in that folder.

4. If you want to update css, instead of updating the css file directly, copy style.css in that folder to customstyle.css and make your updates to customstyle.css.

5. If you want to update html, instead of updating the template5.html file directly, copy template5.html in that folder to customtemplate5.html and make your updates to customtemplate5.html.

6. Now upload both customstyle.css and customtemplate5.html back to the same folder (/wp-content/plugins/DAP-WP-LiveLinks/includes/login/templates/template5).

That's it.

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