Gravity Form Integration

We would like to thank Jordan Khan (DAP user) for his contributions in helping with this integration document and for testing this integration.

Gravity Forms / DAP integration for custom free sign up forms.

1. Create Custom Fields in DAP

2. Create form with gravity forms plugin

3. Get field IDs for every form field (Generated by Gravity forms)
• To view field IDs, go to Forms > Notifications
• Scroll down to the notification email section and select form fields in the drop down menu on the upper right side of the text box.

• Select each field and take note of the number after the double colons when it appears in the text box

4. Insert Gravity Forms “gform_after_submission” function to themes functions.php file.
Reference Documentation: http://www.gravityhelp.com/documentation/page/Gform_after_submission

Important notes:
• Point Post Url to file “http://www.YouDomain.com/dap/signup_submit.php”
• Specify the DAP product ID for Form with ‘productID’ => ‘x’,
• Match DAP profile fields with the corresponding form field IDs (Obtained from Step 3)
• Include “custom_” in front of all custom fields created in DAP.

That’s it.

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Vic Dorfman - March 16, 2015

Hi Veena, thanks for this doc!

It looks like the syntax you have indicated in the screenshots here is no longer used in the gform_after_submission function.

I’ve gone and ahead and created an updated DAP + Gravity forms integration doc that works for both free and paid products and includes several important details about syntax and other points that Dappers will likely find useful:


Vic Dorfman – Membership Site Expert


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