Disabling Login IP Security Check

DAP has a security check to prevent password sharing.

And starting DAP v4.4, you can turn this off at both a per-user level and also at a global site-wide leve.

Disabling IP Check For Individual Users

  • Search for the user on the Users > Manage page
  • Click on their email or user id, and you will now be taken to the “User Edit” page
  • There, on their user profile, towards the bottom, set the field “Exclude from Login IP Check” to “Yes” and save.


This user will now be excluded from login IP check.

NOTE: If the user’s account is currently already locked, then you also need to unlock it this one time, but going forward, the account is now whitelisted, and will not get locked again.

Disabling IP Check For All Users (Site-wide)

If you wish to permanently disable this for all users in your membership site, then here’s how to do it:

  • Go to DAP Admin > Setup > Config
  • Set “IP Login Limit: Max. # of User Logins From Different IP’s” to a high number – like “100″.
  • Set “Flush Login IP Records How Often? Every….. ?” to “Day” so that any accumulated IP records gets flushed every day.

That’s it!

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