Deleting A User

  1. Go to DAP Admin > Users > Manage
  2. Search for the user by email or name or id
  3. Once you find the user, in the search results, check the checkbox next to user’s name
  4. On the to-right section (Operations), the last row is Fully Delete Selected User(s) from the database. Click on the Go button next to it.
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Jeff Sanders - February 9, 2015

Is there an automated way for members to delete their own account? For example, could there be an option on the Profile Form for members to close their account with me having to manually do it?

Veena Prashanth - February 9, 2015

Hi Jeff,

You can create an user-facing cancellation page for paid members to cancel their subscription. But there is no other way for members to delete / close their account.

See – http://digitalaccesspass.com/doc/dap-user-subscription/



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