This post is dedicated just to the [DAPUserProfile] shortcode. To see the rest of the DAP Shortcodes, click here.


This is the shortcode that displays all of the user profile fields on a page. Simply enter it on a WordPress page, save it, and when you view it when logged in as a user, it will display the DAP user profile form, with the logged-in user’s information displayed in the form fields.

As DAP Admin, you can customize which profile fields to show to your members, and which ones to hide. Just set the profile field that you don’t want displayed, to “N” in the tag below.

Default version

[DAPUserProfile showFirstName="Y" showLastName="Y" showUserName="Y" showEmail="Y" showPassword="Y" showAddress1="Y" showAddress2="Y" showCity="Y" showState="Y" showZip="Y" showCountry="Y" showPhone="Y" showFax="Y" showCompany="Y" showTitle="Y" showPaypalEmail="Y" showOptedOut="Y" showCustomFields="Y"]

Default is "Y". So Leaving out the text (for eg.) showLastName="Y" entirely from the shortcode, is the same as setting it "Y", which means it will be displayed.

Entering just [DAPUserProfile] into a page, will show ALL fields.

Show All Fields Except Phone & Fax

To hide just Phone and Fax, you would do something like this:

[DAPUserProfile showPhone="N" showFax="N"]

So all other fields will be displayed, except those two.

Show Just A Few

To show (say) just First, Last, Username, Password and Email, this is the shortcode:

[DAPUserProfile showFirstName="Y" showLastName="Y" showUserName="Y" showEmail="Y" showPassword="Y" showAddress1="N" showAddress2="N" showCity="N" showState="N" showZip="N" showCountry="N" showPhone="N" showFax="N" showCompany="N" showTitle="N" showPaypalEmail="N" showOptedOut="Y" showCustomFields="N"]


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