This post is dedicated just to the [DAPUserLinks] shortcode. To see the rest of the DAP Shortcodes, click here.


This is the shortcode that shows the user a list of all of the products that they have access to, and details about each product – like name, description, links that have already been dripped, etc.

This is similar to %%USERLINKS%%, but more advanced and more customizable.

You can customize most of the elements of this shortcode, as shown below.

You can even customize this to show details of a specific product (instead of all products).

Full Version

[DAPUserLinks showProductName="Y" showAccessStartDate="Y" showAccessEndDate="Y" showDescription="Y" showLinks="Y" orderOfLinks="NEWESTFIRST" howManyLinks="10000" errMsgTemplate="SHORT" productId="ALL" dateFormat="YYYY-MM-DD" showProductCount="Y" hideProductId="3,4"]

Most of the elements are self-explanatory. Here are a couple explained in detail.


orderOfLinks can have one of two values…

NEWESTFIRST will drip newly dripped links at the top. So day 7 link will be above day 1 link.

OLDESTFIRST will drip newly dripped links towards the bottom. So day 1 link will be above day 7 link.


showproductcount=”N” will disable the heading “You have access to (X) products” at the top of the “My Content” section.

So, here’s another version of the DAPUserLinks shortcode that shows oldest links at th top, and does not show the product-count heading.

[DAPUserLinks showProductName="Y" showAccessStartDate="Y" showAccessEndDate="Y" showDescription="Y" showLinks="Y" orderOfLinks="OLDESTFIRST" howManyLinks="10000" errMsgTemplate="SHORT" productId="ALL" dateFormat="YYYY-MM-DD" showproductcount="N"]


productId is by default set to “ALL” which means details for all products that a user has access to, will be displayed on that page. You can also configure it to show for just one product (productId="8") or a few select products (productId="8,11").


This was introduced in DAP v4.5. It allows you to suppress all listed product id’s (either just one, or multiple product id’s separated by commas) from being displayed in the list.

[DAPUserLinks ... hideproductid="3" ...]

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Ted - March 12, 2013

Is there a way to specify products you do not want to show up in the User Links?

Veena Prashanth - March 23, 2013

Hi Ted,

In the ‘productId’ attribute, instead of using “ALL”, you can specify the exact list of product Ids that you want shown:

For ex ( to show Ids=1,3,5, use this )

[DAPUserLinks showProductName=”Y” showAccessStartDate=”Y” showAccessEndDate=”Y” showDescription=”Y” showLinks=”Y” orderOfLinks=”OLDESTFIRST” howManyLinks=”10000″ errMsgTemplate=”SHORT” productId=”1,3,5″ dateFormat=”YYYY-MM-DD” showproductcount=”N”]


Nick Wagner - May 4, 2013

I cannot get the showproductcount to go away. Here is my current set up:

[DAPUserLinks showProductName=”Y” showAccessStartDate=”Y” showAccessEndDate=”Y” showDescription=”Y” showLinks=”Y” orderOfLinks=”NEWESTFIRST” howManyLinks=”10000″ errMsgTemplate=”SHORT” productId=”18″ dateFormat=”YYYY-MM-DD” showproductcount=”N”]

However, on the page, the top line is: “You currently have access to 3product(s).”

I tried clearing the cache and relaunching the browser. No luck.

Ravi Jayagopal - May 4, 2013

Make sure you download LiveLinks v1.8.3.2 again from our server, and upload to your site, and it should then work fine.

Of course, it goes without saying that you do need to be on DAP v4.4.3 in order for LiveLinks v1.8.3.2 to work 🙂

Solomon - December 16, 2013

When I use the shortcode %%USERLINKS%%, my content page will display all the links to their respective pages.

if I have a lot of pages, can I add a heading to the page links as this will make it easy for my members to locate the relevant contents.


Search Traffic: (heading here)
Link 1
Link 2

Paid Traffic: (heading here)
Link 1
link 2


Veena Prashanth - December 16, 2013

Hi Solomon,

Are all these links part of the same DAP product but you want to categorize them differently?

If all the links are part of one product and you want to separate them out with a heading.. that’s not possible.

If the links are part of different products, then you can add a DAPUserLinks shortcode per product instead of using productId=ALL.


Corey - January 14, 2014

I am creating an account page where I want to only display the link to the product download page or if it’s a course they’re joining, only display the course home page (not all the links to the other pages associated with the course). How can I select which link to display while hiding the others in the UserLinks?

Adam - September 30, 2015

Hi there,

We are using DAP in WordPress (with the DAP-WP-LiveLinks plugin) – and we’re looking for way to override the appearance of one particular product output from the %%USERLINKS%% placeholder.

Instead of showing all the links, we want to show a custom button. All other products should remain the same as they are by default.

I’m a developer and I’m looking for a WordPress hook (action or filter) which will allow us to do this. Can you let me know if it exists? Or if there is some other way?


Veena Prashanth - September 30, 2015

Hi Adam,

Please use our new mobile responsive my content shortcode:


It offers more customization options.



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