[DAPUpline] is basically a WordPress shortcode that you can insert into WordPress pages and posts. It allows you (DAP admin) to display the member’s upline affiliate’s data to the member.

In simple terms, it shows a user their referring Affiliate’s (a.k.a Sponsor’s) information. It could also be called a downline builder.

And you can display any data from the member’s affiliate profile, on a page.

So when a user visits the page that has this shortcode, it will determine who the visitor/member’s affiliate is, from…

1) Affiliate Cookie (if it exists), or

2) If they’re already a member, and have logged in to DAP, then it will show their current Affiliate’s information. Or,

3) If neither the cookie is set, nor the user has an Affiliate attached to their account already in DAP, then it will show the info of the DAP Admin.

So you can use it to show the user information of the person (affiliate) who referred them to the page.

Think of it as a “Your Sponsor” tag.

Consider this example:

1) John joins your site
2) John fills out his profile with (say) his ClickBank nickname
3) John later refers Adam
4) When Adam logs in, he sees affiliate link to some third-party product, but CB nickname in the affiliate link is replaced with John’s CB nickname. So if Adam goes on to purchase that third-party CB product, then John will get the affiliate commissions for that purchase.
5) Now Adam fills out his profile with his own CB nickname
6) Adam refers Jill
7) When Jill logs in, she sees affiliate link to same third party product, except this time, the CB nickname is replaced with Adam’s CB affiliate nickname.

This can be done with any number of third-party programs, as long as the nickname can be easily replaced with the info provided by the upline affiliate. And it’s not just one field – you can create multiple profile fields for the affiliate to fill out – like ClickBankNick, CommissionJunctionNick, JVZooId, GoogleAnalyticsId, etc.

DAP actually even takes this one step further.

When Jill joins through Adam’s DAP affiliate link, if Adam has not filled out his CB nickname in his profile, then the third-party CB link shows CB Nickname of Site Admin in its place.

So if an affiliate fails to claim his affiliate link, then site admin gets credit for it (and all such links).

Hope this helps.

For eg., to show affiliate’s first name on a page, insert this into page:
[DAPUpline showField="first_name"]

Full list of available fields from sponsor’s or affiliate’s profile:
[DAPUpline showField="first_name"] [DAPUpline showField="last_name"] [DAPUpline showField="user_name"] [DAPUpline showField="email"] [DAPUpline showField="address1"] [DAPUpline showField="address2"] [DAPUpline showField="city"] [DAPUpline showField="state"] [DAPUpline showField="zip"] [DAPUpline showField="country"] [DAPUpline showField="phone"] [DAPUpline showField="fax"] [DAPUpline showField="company"] [DAPUpline showField="title"] [DAPUpline showField="paypal_email"]

Showing Custom fields:
[DAPUpline showField="custom_"]

Eg: To show affiliate’s/sponsor’s custom SSN field (say “ssn”):
[DAPUpline showField="custom_ssn"]

NOTE: You should’ve already created the custom field “ssn” before you can do this, of course.


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ken - December 5, 2015

is this feature still active and working? DAP Upline?


Arne - July 6, 2016

Is it possible to display the link of the next person in the upline instead of the admins link in case “Adam” has not filled out his information?
“When Jill joins through Adam’s DAP affiliate link, if Adam has not filled out his CB nickname in his
profile, then the third-party CB link shows CB Nickname of Site Admin in its place.”

Ravi Jayagopal - July 7, 2016

Hi Ken,

Yes, it works and is an active feature.

Ravi Jayagopal - July 7, 2016

Hi Arne,

If immediate upline hasn’t filled out their details, it will NOT check the next person up in the upline. Instead, the credit goes straight to the DAP Admin.

Ryan - July 21, 2016

Ravi, i use this feature a LOT on my site…Would it be hard to have those links not pass up to admin, but instead have them go to the next affiliate who has added details?

Brandon - December 10, 2016

Can we get this to work for emails?


Ravi Jayagopal - December 10, 2016

Hi Brandon, sorry, the Upline feature only works on a WordPress page. Doesn’t work within emails.

– Ravi Jayagopal

Ravi Jayagopal - December 10, 2016

Hi Ryan,

Are you saying it should keep skipping affiliates and keep moving upwards to find the next affiliate who has filled out those details? Then sorry, it doesn’t work that way. Checks for immediate affiliate – if doesn’t exist, or hasn’t filled out any fields, that goes to the DAP Admin.

– Ravi Jayagopal

Brandon - December 10, 2016

Thanks Ravi for the quick response

Any idea if this feature will be released? and if NOT, is this something I can just hire a PROGRAMMER to update on DAP?
I really need this feature the most , i think this will be an extremely powerful feature as a downline builder

Im a huge DAP FAN and I love what you guys are doing

Ravi Jayagopal - December 11, 2016

Hi Brandon, we might be open to doing it as a custom project. Please note that any custom development we do for you, will be rolled in to the DAP core code-base. Just so you know. That way, you don’t get locked out of future releases, and we don’t have to maintain any separate code for you. Please open a ticket at http://DigitalAccessPass.com/support/ and we can go over this in more detail.


– Ravi Jayagopal
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Brandon - December 11, 2016

Thanks Ravi I’ll do that there’s a few more feature request I’ll make as well in addition to this

Also I didn’t know you have a podcasts just downloaded and listened to a few episodes 🙂


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