DAP Shopping Cart (2.0) – Upgrade Steps

If you are currently using the OLD version of DAP Shopping Cart Plugin (1.11 or less) and want to upgrade to DAP Shopping Cart version 2.0 on your site, then take a backup of your existing version and then please follow these steps to upgrade to new version:

1) FTP to your site

2) Download the latest version of DAP Shopping Cart from your members area on our WickedCoolPlugin.com site. Extract the contents of the zip file. You will end up with a dapshoppingcart folder on your desktop.

3) Rename the existing dapshoppingcart plugin folder (under /wp-content/plugins) to say dapshoppingcart-OLD. This way you can revert back to this version quickly if there are any issues with the new version.

4) Now upload the new version to /wp-content/plugins folder. You should end up with dapshoppingcart folder under /wp-content/plugins.

5) Make sure the new version is active in WP Admin => Plugins.

6) Now add a NEW WP page, and in the ‘visual editor’ tab, you will find a ‘SC’ icon. Click on it to create a new checkout page. Make sure to select ‘template2’ as it’s the new responsive template.
Save the page as say – checkout-new. Basically make sure to give it a different name then the current checkout page.

7) Now visit DAP Admin => Payments => Generate Buy Button => Click on DAP Shopping Cart tab.

8) Generate a Payment link or Button. Make sure to enter the URL of this new checkout page in the checkout page url field (STEP 2 of button generation).

9) Publish the button on a test page or visit the link directly in a browser, and the new checkout page should show up!

10) Test your existing payment button. It should continue to point to the old template and continue to work. Make sure to test it.

11) If you are happy with the new checkput template and have tested it, you can then make this your primary checkout page!

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Jared - March 5, 2015

If you have a Cache Plug in enabled on your site, empty the Cache once you’ve FTP’ed the new version in!

Peter - March 17, 2015

Hi – Do you have any way of making this render in Optimizepress with the Live editor page builder?
I have inserted a text block and used then to insert the shopping cart. It isn’t playing ball. Sometimes it shows and sometimes it doesn’t. When it does the formatting is all over the place and it seems to be bringing in a wordpress admin nav link module too. Any ideas?

Veena Prashanth - March 17, 2015

Hi Peter,

Please edit the checkout page shortcode and add a new attribute –

So you will end up with something like this on the checkout page –

[DAPShoppingCart ….. oplive=”Y”] [/DAPShoppingCart]

See if it fixes the Optimizepress issue.


kevin - March 27, 2015

Question what if you install everything but when I click the “SC” button the Checkout page editor comes up blank? Suggestions?


Veena Prashanth - March 27, 2015

>>Question what if you install everything but when I click the “SC” button the Checkout page editor comes up blank? Suggestions?<< If you site is slow, it could take a few seconds to load the editor. It will look like a blank page initially but if you give it a few seconds, it should load. Thanks, Veena

Mark Mottershead - March 21, 2016

Hi Veena

I see you have a solution for OP, do you have one for ThriveThemes?

I want to add some additional content as you suggest in your video – https://youtu.be/BC8eCGvYFFk

I have tried adding a sidebar plugin (http://www.intox.dk/en/plugin/content-aware-sidebars-en/) but it doesn’t override ThriveThemes.

I’ve tried setting up a ThriveThemes Content Editor page but that doesn’t really work properly.

Can’t think of another solution at the moment, can you?

Veena Prashanth - March 21, 2016

Hi Mark,

Can’t think of a way in Thrive Themes unless.. you can find a Thrive template where you can insert the checkout shortcode in the left column, add the other items in the right columns and see if it works.

We’re working on a new shopping cart plugin where you can add sidebar elements to checkout form in the shopping cart editor itself. We hope to release this version in June 2016.

This way you will not have to depend on the theme to do it.



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