Creating Multiple DAP Admins

Adding new User  and giving them “Admin” access

1) Add new user

2) Go to “Users > Manage”, search for user (that you wish to make an Admin) by email id or last name.  User is displayed in search results.

3) Click on user’s “Full Name” – it will bring you to their profile page where you can edit their user information

4) Change “Account Type” field to “Admin

5) Click “Update User” button

Giving existing User “Admin” access

Start from step (2) above

That’s it.

NOTE: These newly created admins will have the exact same access and privileges as you do (as the ‘original’ admin who created these other admins). They can do whatever you can do – add/delete/modify users, products, access reports, change affiliate info, etc. They can do ANYTHING that you can do in the Admin Dashboard. Just be aware of that.

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Jeff - April 27, 2010

Is there a way to prevent these new admins from having access to financial stats?

Ravi Jayagopal - April 27, 2010


Great suggestion. But we don’t have that yet. Sorry.

– Ravi Jayagopal

Joe - September 16, 2010

does admin have access to files which are set for a drip in the future? I’m logged in as admin but cannot see the pages that have been set with a future drip date. I get the material not available error reply.

Veena Prashanth - September 16, 2010

Dripping works the exact same way for both admins and the users.

If you want to view future content while logged in as admin, then reset your access start date. Set it to some date in the past that would allow you access to future content.

By default, admin does not have access to any product. Make sure you first give access to the product to the admin in DAP manage users page.

Joe - September 16, 2010

the content is dripping on a set date not a timeframe. Even if I set my access start date into the past the drip doesn’t happen any earlier.
Can I create a second product that has a different drip type with the same files that only admin accounts would have access to??

Veena Prashanth - September 23, 2010

Yes, you can create a second product with a different drip type (day based instead of date based) with the same files but if the admin has access to 2 products and each product has the same content / file but with different drip rules, then that can result in unexpected behavior.

So in this case, remove admin access to the ‘product with date based dripping’, give admin access to the ‘product with day based dripping’, change the admin start date to a date in the past and try to access content.

Lisa - January 26, 2011

Is there a way to list all users, and only those users, with “Admin” access?


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