Content Protection – Big Picture

Here’s the big picture as far as content protection is concerned.

  • DAP CAN ONLY protect files, pages and posts on the same “domain” where it is installed.
  • If DAP is installed on a domain (, then it CANNOT protect a blog or files installed on a sub-domain (like even if your file structure on your web host makes it appear like blog is a sub-folder in your root folder. The opposite is true too: If DAP is installed on a sub-domain, it CANNOT protect files, pages or posts on the main domain
  • DAP installed on a domain ( CAN protect a blog in a “sub-folder” (like
  • You can have one DAP installation in the root, and then multiple blogs in “sub-folders” (not sub-domains), and one installation of DAP can protect all of these blogs in sub-folders. Just activate the DAP-WP-LiveLinks plugin in each blog separately. There will still be only one “dap” folder at the root, that will be shared by all of these blogs.
  • DAP can protect a page or post from un-authorized viewers. But once somebody is a member, does get access to that page or post, if you have a video inside that is a Youtube video, DAP obviously can’t protect that video.
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