Clicksure Integration

DAP now integrates with an affiliate network called Clicksure.

The integration is very straightforward and will work for one-off as well as subscription products.

Set the IPN URL in your Clicksure account to point to

Here productId needs to be the DAP product id.

For e.g.

DAP can process the following transaction types from Clicksure:


Upon SALE, DAP automatically CREATES a membership account for the buyer and gives the buyer access to the purchased product.

Upon REBILL, DAP automatically EXTENDS user’s access to the subscription product in DAP.

Upon REFUND, DAP automatically REVERSES the payment transaction (earnings etc) and removes user’s access to product.

Upon CANCEL, DAP automatically EXPIRES user’s access to product. The access end date is reset to ‘yesterday’. For e.g. say today is 10/21/14, upon cancel the access end date is reset to 10/20/14.

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