Custom Error Page

When users try to access a protected page in a not-logged-in state, or if they are logged-in but don't have access, DAP will display an error page.

The error page looks like this by default (for not-logged-in users),

Custom Error Page

If you don't want to use the default error page, you can create a page in WordPress and use that as your error page! 

Please follow these steps (just one-time setup):

Step 1: Create a page in WordPress.

Let's say you call it "error". 

Step 2: You can add two different messages on this page - One for logged-in users and another for not-logged-in users.

You can use the DAP shortcode to display different messages to logged-in members without access and not-logged-in members.

Here is an example:

[DAP isLoggedIn="Y"]

You’re seeing this message either because this content is not yet available.


If you haven’t yet signed up for this content, then please visit this page to purchase access to this content.


If you've purchased this product and unable to access this content, please contact us here and we'll get this fixed up for you!


[DAP isLoggedIn="N"]

This content is only available to logged-in members of this product. You’re seeing this message because you are not logged-in.

Please login below:



Step 3: Visit the DAP Admin >> Setup >> Config page >> Access & Navigation section >> set Error Page URL to /error .

Step 4: Visit the DAP products page >> "Advanced" tab.

Select your product and set the Error Page URL to /error.

Do this for all of your products.

That's it!

Going forward, whenever you add a NEW product in DAP, the only thing you have to do is set the Error Page URL to /error in the DAP Products page >> Advanced tab.

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