DAP Renewal

"LifeTime License"

Great News! Your copy of DAP comes with a "LifeTime License".

Which means your DAP license by itself NEVER expires. Once you purchase DAP, you can use it for as long as you want, on as many sites as your license allows you to - without paying us a penny more ever again.

And with your purchase of DAP, you already get 1 Full Year of Free Software Upgrades & Technical Support.

After the initial 1 year expires, IF and ONLY IF you want continued access to support and/or newer versions of DAP, then you may renew at a massive discount. The longer you renew for, the less you pay in renewal fees (on a per-year basis).

NOTE: Renewals are not mandatory. You may renew only when you need support or upgrades.


Renew your DAP license for 10 Years
and get 2 Bonus Plugins
1) DAP Social Login with Facebook - a $67 value (details)
2) Facebook Share To Unlock (FSTU) - a $67 value (details)
AND Save Up To $600!


Renew your DAP license for 5 Years
and get 1 Bonus Plugin
DAP Social Login with Facebook - a $67 value (details) For FREE!

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NOTE: Renewing "DAP Support & Upgrades" makes you eligible for Unlimited Free Software Upgrades & Unlimited Technical Support for the DAP software only, for another 1 Year from the time of renewal. If you received other plugins as bonuses at the time of your original DAP purchase, then the DAP renewal does not apply to those other plugins. Access to support and upgrades for those other plugins will have to be renewed separately. Please see our terms of support to see the difference between Standard support and Premium support. Please open a support ticket at to find out about renewal fees for other plugins.


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