Special Affiliate Offer

Earn Up To a Whopping
 $500 in Commissions
On a
Single Sale


What's the Special Affiliate Offer?

We recently launched a new Shopping Cart Platform

 for DAP called SmartPayCart (SPC).  

Currently, there are 3 ways to purchase a SPC license.

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    SPC Monthly Membership
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    SPC Annual Membership
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    SPC Lifetime Membership

As part of this launch-special promotion, we've created 3 New Combo Packages that will Allow Buyers to Purchase a Subscription to DAP & SPC Together!

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    SPC + DAP -  Monthly Membership
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    SPC + DAP - Annual Membership
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    SPC + DAP -  Lifetime License

We have a Very Special Offer for You


Here's the commissions details on these packages:

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    20% "Recurring Commissions" on DAP + SPC Monthly & Annual Subscriptions.
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    20% One-Time Commission on the DAP + SPC Lifetime License.  

So if you refer a sale to our DAP + SPC Lifetime purchase which is $2,500, you get to keep 20% of that, which is a whopping $500

If you refer a sale to our DAP + SPC Monthly or Annual Subscriptions, you'll earn

20% commissions on a recurring basis until the subscription is active.

Yes, it means a Whopping $500
in Commissions on a Single Sale
or 20% recurring commissions for life (until the subscription is active)

Product Name

Current Price


SPC + DAP Platinum Monthly 


20% Recurring Commissions

SPC + DAP Platinum Annual 


20% Recurring Commissions

SPC + DAP Lifetime License

$2500 (one-time fee)

20% One-Time Commission

How do I Become a
DAP + SPC Affiliate?

Are you a DAP License Owner?

If you already own a DAP license, you can promote DAP + SPC package using your DAP affiliate link.

Here is your ready-to-use affiliate link to promote SPC:

Please login to view your affiliate link. You can login HERE.

Click HERE for your Affiliate Earnings/Stats.

Don't have DAP but wish to promote this package.

Our affiliate program is open only by invitation, and of course, available to all DAP users by default. Once you buy DAP,  you will be automatically enrolled in to our affiliate program. And you will get an unique affiliate link that you can use to promote the DAP + SPC packages.

Contact Us


Feel free to send us an email or post your questions about this special promotion in my Free/Private Facebook Group. Click on the button below to join the "Ask Veena" group.