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Your DAP License Key

Click on the button below to get your license key.  You will need a valid DAP License Key to access the DAP Easy Installer & the DAP Admin Dashboard. 

Please Note: If you have purchased unlimited-site license, the same DAP License Key can be used across all of your DAP sites.

DAP Easy Installer Plugin

1. Download the DAP Easy Installer Plugin for quick and easy DAP Installation! Upload it to Wordpress >> Plugins, and Activate it. 

2. Visit your Wordpress Admin >> Settings >> DAP Easy Installer page and follow the steps there to complete the installation. Watch video for details.

FREE DAP Installation

If you are new to DAP, just open a support ticket with a request to install DAP for you, and we'll take care of it. 

DAP Downloads

The easy installer plugin will automatically install the selected DAP version. However, if easy installer does not work on your site for some reason, you can download DAP & the DAP LiveLinks zip file from the link below, and use your File Manager to installer DAP. Watch this video for details.

Please NOTE: You ONLY need to download these files if Easy Installer is NOT working on your site. The DAP easy installer plugin will automatically upgrade your site to latest DAP. You don't have to download files.