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How to Install DAP!

DAP is easy to install! 

You can use our easy installer plugin to install DAP. Watch this video to see how it works.

You can download the DAP Easy Installer Plugin below.

Download: DAP Easy Installer Plugin

Download the DAP Easy Installer Plugin for quick and easy DAP Installation!

Version: 3.0, Release Date: 05/06/2020 

DAP Download Links

Please Note: If you use the easy installer, it'll automatically install the selected version. But if the easy installer does not work on your site for some reason, you can download DAP & the DAP LiveLinks zip file from the link below, and use your File Manager to installer DAP.  Watch this video for details.

Additional Downloads

BuddyBoss Add-On

Download the DAP BuddyBoss Add-On Plugin that will allow you to integrate DAP with BuddyBoss.

Version: 1.0, Release Date: 07/19/2020

Download: DAP-BuddyBoss.zip

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