vBulletin FAQ / Usecases

1) Can I import my existing vB users to DAP with their existing vB username ?


Sure. If you want to import your existing VB users to DAP, then you can go to DAP Add Users ->Bulk-Add Multiple Users To A Product and add the users to be imported in CSV format.

Format: Email, First Name, Last Name (optional), User Name (optional – used for VB only)

For ex:
joe1@webmasterinabox.net,joe,,smith (here lastname is empty)
joe2@webmasterinabox.net,joe,smith,joesmith2 (here lastname = smith and username=joesmith2)
joe3@webmasterinabox.net,joe (here both lastname and username are empty)
joe4@webmasterinabox.net,joe,smith (here username is empty)

When you complete the bulk add, these users will be added to DAP System -> Job Queue. When the DAP cron runs at the top of the hour, it will add these users to DAP and sync to VB.

You can manually run cron by clicking on this link in the browser – http://www.yoursite.com/dap/dap-cron.php

Note: Replace yoursite.com above with the name of your site

Make sure you setup the FORUM rules in DAP Product -> VB forum Mapping BEFORE you import the users to DAP.

2) Can I configure DAP to automatically create users in vB when they purchase a membership product?


Sure. In /dap/dap-config.php, update the following setting to “Y”

If the value is not set to “Y”, then by default DAP will NOT auto-create user accounts in VB.
If the value is set to “Y”, then this is how it will work.

1. When a new user is created in DAP, DAP will try to use the user’s firstname.lastname to create a VB user account automatically for the user.

2. If in step #1, DAP was able to successfully create / sync username to VB, then the username will also be updated in DAP.

You can check that in DAP profile page (click on User’s fullname in DAP manager users page to go to user’s profile settings).

3. If in step #1, DAP was NOT able to successfully create / sync username (= firstname.lastname) to VB (because the username was already taken by another user), then the username will be empty in DAP. You can check that in DAP profile page.

4. If the username is already set in DAP, then the user CANNOT change it.

5. If the username is already set in DAP, then the user can request the DAP Admin to change it.

6. The DAP admin can change an existing user’s vB username by going to DAP admin panel -> Manage Users -> Click on users fullname -> it will bring admin to the users profile page -> admin can update username to a different username

– if the username is being changed to an username that already exists in VB and is tied to the SAME email id as the one in DAP, then DAP will just sync the user to VB using the forum rules defined in DAP

– if the username is being changed to an username that already exists in VB but is tied to a DIFFERENT email id and DOES NOT match the one in DAP, then DAP will report an error that the new username is already in use (by a different user). It will not sync the user.

– if the username is blanked out in DAP, then it will be blanked out just in DAP. DAP will not erase the VB username/account.

Hope this helps.

If there are any issues:

Set DAP Setup -> config -> log level to 5

Go TO System -> logs -> Empty Log Content

Rerun the test case.

Send us the log snippet (from DAP system -> logs) for troubleshooting.

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vBulletin Integration — DAP Documentation - November 5, 2010

[…] Click Here for DAP->vBulletin integration FAQ/Usecases […]

Lon Naylor - November 14, 2010

Is there a certain vBulletin version or level (Classic or Publishing Suite) required (or recommended) for optimal integration?


Veena Prashanth - November 14, 2010

We have tested DAP with the with VB 4.0.7 and 4.0.8.

Gerry Humphrey - December 5, 2011

When trying to change password in DAP, when it tries to sync to vBulletin it displays “Sorry, email already in use in VB. Please try using another email Id” and while the password is updated in DAP, it is not in VB. Changing something not sync’d (like Company) gives a success response. Any ideas? (DAP 4.2.1 w vB 4.1.8)

Veena Prashanth - December 5, 2011

Look for that same username in VB directly (vb admin -> users -> search) and see if the email attached to that username is different than the email you see in dap. If yes, see if changing the email address in vb to match the one in dap and then syncing it from dap works.

Gerry Humphrey - December 6, 2011

It seems to be an issue with email addresses that have a “+” in them (which is a legitimate email format) such as gerry+dap@yourdomain.com

Also I notice that if you delete a user in DAP, they are not deleted from vB. It you “remove” them from a product, it is properly updated. (Checked with a name@domain.tld email address.)

Veena Prashanth - December 6, 2011

Are you able to add gerry+dap@yourdomain.com directly to VB using VB admin dashboard?

You are right about dap delete. It’s not yet integrated with VB.

Gerry Humphrey - December 6, 2011

I can add “gerry+dap@yourdomain.com” via DAP and it works fine, until I want to change the password or other info. I can log into vBulletin as well. It is just changing information that seems to cause the issue.

Thanks for the info about the “delete” with DAP and vB. Always worry that I have a “unique issue” with stuff like that.

Alexei - April 10, 2012

Can I import my existing DAP users to vB with their existing DAP username ?

Alexei - June 6, 2012

Hi, I integrated with VB, and it works as a charm, but I’m still wondering how can I bring my existing DAP users to the vBulletin.

Veena Prashanth - June 6, 2012

Hi Alexei,
We have a script for that.

If you can create a CSV with just the dap email addresses of these users, you can use our import script to import to VB.

We will add this script to dap 4.3.1 in a couple of days. It’s not part of dap 4.3.1 currently.

Alexei - June 8, 2012

Dear Veena,
Please, If this possible tell me more precise duration.
I is going to open my site in any day very soon.
So I will plan my tactic мore accurate.
Also please tell me how to create CSV with just the dap email addresses?

Alexei - June 15, 2012

Hi Veena:
I would like to create several separate forums and assign each forum different usergroups. Then in the DAP “Product Forum mapping” I will assign each membership to correspondent Usergroup which is correspondent to a particular forum.
My question is what will happen if the user will buy two or more different product- memberships?
will the form software assign several Usergroups to one single member?
I know it’s possible to do this in the user profile manualy unther the Usergroup Options> Additional Usergroups, but the question is can it happen automatically?
Thank you very much

Clare - July 31, 2012

Hi Alexei,
From my recent experience, DAP adds the person to each usergroup they join through DAP, using the DAP / vBulletin mapping.
For example, if a user subscribes to 3 of your products, they can be automatically added to the 3 corresponding vBulletin user groups – and forums.


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