Removing User Access To A Product And Deleting Users

Expired Users

Users whose access has expired – i.e., today’s date is greater than the access end date for a specific product – automatically lose access to all of the content within the product. You don’t really have to do anything to prevent them from not accessing the content.

NOTE: If you actually *want* your members to have access to previously paid for content (content that they were paying for before their account expired), then you can do that by setting the config field “Setup > Config > Advanced > Allow access to previously-paid-for content even after subscriber cancels?” to “Y”. If this is set to “N” (which is the default setting), then as soon as a member’s account expires, they automatically lose access to all content in the product.

Manually Removing Complete Access to a Product

1. First search for user in the “Users > Manage” screen.

2. At the end of the user’s row of information, you’ll see a link called “Remove”. If you click on this link, the user will completely lose access to the Product – like they never ever had access to it. You will lose all history on that specific product access (when did they first sign up for that product, when they expired, etc). So use caution when completely removing access in this manner. Of course, nothing happens to the user data itself. And their actual order information (“Orders” page) also remains intact, and you can view it on the “Orders” page by searching using a transaction number or email id. It’s only the user’s access to the specific product that is removed.

Rolling Back Access to a Product

If you just want to roll-back access by a month, instead of completely removing access, then you can do this from the “Users > Manage” screen, by searching for the User first, then checking the check box next to their record, and then selecting the “Rollback Access for Selected User(s) to the Product by 1 Recurring Cycle” and picking a product name from the drop-down.

Deleting users

If you wish to completely remove the users from your database, then check the check-box next to the user’s row, and then in the upper right hand section, click on the “Go” button next to the text “Fully Delete Selected Users from the database”. That should do it.

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Chad Carlton - February 27, 2010

Is there a way to block users completely? I delete a user and they just sign-up again. This is a porn site and I want to block this guy from ever signing up again!

Ravi Jayagopal - March 2, 2010


Sorry, there’s no way to block a user from signing up.

But there is another way.

Don’t delete him from the system. Just make him a “Free” user, then make him “Inactive”. That way, he will remain in the system, but will not get access to any content, and can’t even login because his user status is inactive.

Do make him inactive, search for him, edit his user record, and there you set his status to “Inactive”.

– Ravi Jayagopal

Mark So - March 19, 2011

Hi Ravi, I noticed that some of the users ID on the Manage users section are colored light pink (the box, not the link), I can’t seem to find documentation on this. What does the color code mean? Their product and user status are both marked active.

Also, their Aff Id’s are all the same with some with +- only. Please enlighten or point me to the right documentation please thanks

Karen - July 12, 2012

Just wondering if there is a way to remove order history for a product? I did a few tests on a product and now just before I go live I’d like to remove the order history for that product?


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