Personalization For Your Blog Posts

1) Personalize post Titles and Content with MERGE variables:

%%FIRST_NAME%% –  Gets replaced with their first name
%%EMAIL%%  – Gets replaced with their email
–  Gets replaced with the ‘login’ page

So if you create a blog post with the title “Welcome %%FIRST_NAME%%“, then when your member views that post after they’ve logged in, they will see “Welcome John“.

2) Personalize the Login Form:

You can put the Login Form on any WP “Page”.

3) Personalize Member and Affiliate Information:

Put Member & Affiliate Info on any WP Page

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Josh Thomas - February 24, 2010

Hi Ravi,
I can’t seem to get these merge variables to work correctly. I’ve tried them both in the WP page and also in the template section of DAP. Any thoughts on this? All I get when logged in as a user is %%FIRST_NAME%%.

Ravi Jayagopal - February 24, 2010


Obviously something is not right. Pls open a ticket.

– Ravi Jayagopal

Kirk Ward - January 21, 2011

Will this personalization work in the LiveLinks Widget?


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