Yes! It Is Possible To Launch
A Membership Site In 1 Day!


There are MANY THINGS that can't be done in 1 day.

1) Getting a college degree

2) Losing 97 pounds

3) Gaining 97 pounds

4) Traveling 'round the world

5) Developing an entire Membership Platform like DigitalAcessPass ;-)

But Setting Up A Membership Site?

NOT one of them!

Keep reading to find out how...


So What do Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime,
Brad Fallon, John Reese,
Yanik Silver and Eben Pagan have...

... that YOU don't?

frank kern mass control

"Lots Of Cash!"

Cute answer :-). But you're wrong!

Yes, they do make gazillions of money online. No question about that.

But have you ever thought about how these guys get to make all that cash?

Pitching $97 ebooks, you think? Or maybe selling one-time $997 products?

The Gurus Know "The Secret"

Nah, we're not talking about that famous self-help DVD (though these guys do "attract" an insane amount money to them, no doubt).

Take any one of them - none of whom, by the way, have (yet) endorsed this product - and look at their major products.

They all involve an "upfront" purchase, of course (gotta pay those JV partners, right?)

But guess what really brings in 'em "big bucks"?

Frank Kern Mass Control
Brad Fellon StomperNet $997/month
John Reese The Reese Report $97/month
Yanik Silver Secret Society $87.63/month
Jeff Johnson Super Affiliate
Coaching Club


Yep, you guessed it...

Correct Answer:
"Subscription-based Products
with Recurring Monthly Revenue!"

Please note that these are all products that I have actually purchased myself in the past, and was a paying subscriber of the monthly versions for many months, some more than the other, before I eventually discontinued my subscription (I might be slightly off with some of the numbers above by the way).

Ravi Jayagopal with Mike Filsaime

Why Subscription-based?

You have been a witness to many flourishing products based on the subscription model: Cable/Satellite TV, Internet, Cell phone, Magazines, Gym memberships, Book clubs, CD and DVD clubs - just to mention just a few.

Subscription Revenue beats One-Time Sales by such a huge margin, that even Apple Inc (Steve Jobs is also yet to endorse this product) with it's iPhone, makes tons more money from the small cut of the monthly subscriber fees it squeezes out of AT&T, than the actual sales of the iPhone itself.

The "Next Big Thing" Is Already Here

Subscription-based products are becoming the norm, as more and more businesses realize that by going the subscription route, they can offer products and services at a much lower cost, and they can still be assured of a (reasonably) constant revenue stream from their pool of subscribers, than from one-time product sales.

Imagine, if 1,000 subscribers paid you just $10 per month, netting you a total of $10,000 per month in your pocket, how much time, effort and energy would you gladly put in to churn out remarkable content just to keep those paying subscribers happy?

I mean, if you could make that kind of money sitting in your basement, wearing shorts and a T-shirt, don't you think you can come up with enough great content in your niche to provide great value in return for that $10 that each of your members are paying?

Even if you worked just 4 hours a day, 20 days a month, you would still have a whopping 80 hours (per month) to come up with that $10 worth of content.

How hard could that be?

Ravi Jayagopal with Brad Fallon

Ok, so you already know you need a membership site.

What next?

Implementation: "Fail"

Whether it is launching a new Membership Site, or putting to use List Building strategies from that expensive course you just bought - the biggest stumbling block for anyone getting started with anything at all, is this: Implementation!

We buy this awesome course or software, and it all sounds great when we first get it (just like getting a gym membership always sounds like a great idea - and feels even better when we pay a few hundred dollars to sign up for one - at the beginning of each new year :-)

Then we go through this course and find out there is this big checklist of things to be done. We get intimidated, we get lazy, tired, scared, whatever - and we tell ourselves "I can't deal with this right now! I'll just come back to this later".

But guess what? "Later" never comes. And we never put to use the course or software we purchased. What a waste of money - and time - and opportunity!

Listen, we all know what needs to be done ("Eat less, Workout more"). But actually doing it is a different thing altogether!

"Implementation" is what separates the "Wanna-be's" from the "Doers".

So, here's the deal.

Instead of selling you a course on "How To Fish", we are taking it a step further.

We will accompany you on the boat, show you exactly how to fish, help you get a boatload of fish by the end of the day, and in the process also teach you how to fish by yourself and get the same results going forward.

Sound good?


Crush It With Continuity

"Walk In With A Blog,
Walk Out With A Membership Site!"

A 1-Day Virtual Workshop
That Will Cut Down Your "Launch Time" By Weeks
And Help You Walk Out With A Launch-Ready
Membership Website


Ok, maybe that looks more like "Squeeze it", but you get the idea :-)

Set Up Your Membership Site In 1 Day

"Crush It With Continuity" is a 1-day, All-day Virtual Workshop where you can literally Walk In With a WordPress Blog, and Walk Out With A Membership Site!

You get all the tools, all the technology, all of the implementation, all of the setup and configuration, all of the tips, tricks and stragies - for creating and launching a successful Membership Site.

We will hold your hand and walk you through the following:

1. Set up your Membership Site

2. Protect your Content

3. Create a "Membership Level"

4. Set up your Affiliate Commissions

5. Automate Subscription Payments

6. Get your site ready for Launch!

When & Where

Date: Sunday, May 23, 2010

Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST

Where: Your computer (this is a virtual workshop)

Session Schedule

Time (EST) Topic
9:00 - 09:15 AM Welcome, Introductions & DAP Road Map
09:15 - 09:45 Membership Mindset
  • Why 90% of the people who have purchased any Membership Software will never launch a membership site

  • Why 9% of the remaining few will probably launch a site, but will never make more than a few bucks a month

  • How to end up in the remaining 1% - the chosen few who will be successful. And what you should do - and more importantly, should NOT do - to make sure you don't fall into the 99% group

  • An inside look at how a popular "Guru" has created a Membership site that has... NO content dripping, NO affiliate program, NO automated subscriptions, NO automated cancellations, NO sneak-peek, NO email broadcasting, NO upsells, NO one-time offers - basically NO bells and NO whistles. Yet his web site has easily made over a MILLION dollars!

09:45 - 10:15 DAP Installation & Setup
  • How to install DAP

  • DAP Dashboard Tour

  • Detailed Walk-Thru of mission-critical DAP Dashboard screens

10:15 - 1:00 Setting Up Your Membership Site (LIVE!)

This is where we help you set up your membership site - live - step-by-step. All you need to do is to follow along what you see on your screen, and repeat exactly the same steps as the instructor. Enough time will be provided for you to complete each step.

  • Basic Config Settings

  • Set up a Recurring Product

  • Set up Content Dripping

  • Set up Email Dripping

  • Set up Aweber Integration

  • Set up Payment Integration (Paypal & 1Shoppingcart)

  • Set up Member Login page & Sidebar Widget

  • Set up Member Profile page

  • Set up Member Links page

  • Set up Affiliate Info page

  • Set up Sales Page

1:00 - 1:30 Lunch + Q&A
  • If you don't mind eating at your desk, you can hang around and ask questions
1:30 - 2:30 In-Depth: Creating a Membership "Level", Dripping Content & Emails
  • How to create One-Time Products

  • How to set up a "Micro-Continuity" model

  • How to set up a "Endless Recurring" Product

  • How to set up a "Magazine Subscription" model

  • How to offer a Free Trial

  • How to Drip Content

  • How to Drip Emails

  • Advanced Content Dripping Techniques

  • How to do Pay-Per-View and Pay-Per-Download

  • How to integrate with Aweber, 1ShoppingCart

2:30 - 3:30 Optimizing Your Content
  • Sneak-Peek for SEO

  • Post-Cancellation Access

  • Setting up your Login Page

  • Setting up the Sidebar Login Widget

  • Advanced Config Settings

3:30 - 4:30 Subscriptions & Cancellations
  • How to accept both one-time and recurring payments

  • "Login Xpress" using 1ShoppingCart

  • How to Automate Membership Upgrades and Bonus Delivery using our spanking new "Product Chaining" feature

  • Using DAP's "Pay-As-You-Go" feature for Automated Cancellations

  • Managing Members
4:30 - 5:00 Affiliate Module
  • Why DAP's built-in Affiliate Program is so powerful

  • How to set up Pay-Per-Lead and Pay-Per-Sale

  • Setting up Super-Affiliates

  • Running reports

  • Paying Affiliates

If Time Permits: WordPress Xpress
  • What is the ideal WordPress set up for a membership site?

  • How to tweak WordPress for optimal content delivery, SEO and performance

  • How to build a Community using just Comments

  • How to build a Community using Forums


When & Where

Date: Sunday, May 23, 2010

Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST

Where: At your computer (this is a virtual workshop)


Who Will Be Teaching?
Ravi JayagopalRavi Jayagopal
Ravi is the Founder, President & Co-Developer of (DAP)

Ravi is an E-Business Architect, Author, Continuity Consultant & Marketer.

Ravi will be teaching you hands-on about WordPress, DAP, and help you set up your site in real time so you can walk out with a live, working membership site at the end of the workshop.
Veena PrashanthVeena Prashanth
Veena is the CEO & Co-Developer of (DAP)

She has 15+ years of experience developing and managing high-end database-driven, web-services based Java/J2EE apps.

Veena will be talking about different Payment Processor options, Setup and Configuration of the Upsell-Tree plugin, 1ShoppingCart LoginXpress",and more.

Veena and Ravi are partners in business and in life.


Crush It With Continuity (CIWC)

WARNING: Due to the "Hands-On" Nature
Of This Workshop, We can only accomodate a
Maximum of 50 Attendees. No Exceptions.

So Hurry Up Before The Seats Run Out
(and the early-bird discounts too!)

ATTENTION: 1st Time DAP Buyers

When you attend the "Crush It With Continuity"
Virtual WorkShop, you must own a copy of DAP.

So use the "Add To Cart" button
all the way at the bottom of this page
to first sign up for the workshop
(in order to get the early bird discount).

But at some point in the next couple of days,
you must also separately purchase a copy of DAP
before the day of the workshop.

Just be sure to use the
Email Address for both purchases.

ATTENTION: Membership-Site-In-A-Box Owners

This workshop is free for you.

If you own the Membership-Site-In-A-Box license, then you already get our "Launch Concierge" service where we will work with you 1-on-1 and set up your membership site for you anyway. And you probably don't need to attend this workshop.

But hey, it's free for you! And it'll be a great refresher
course for you to see it all happen again live, in real time!

So just email us to register for free.


A One-time Fee Of...

First 10 Attendees: $67

Next 20 Attendees: $97

Final 20 Attendees: $127

(only 4 more seats remain)