Digital Access Pass (DAP)
Membership Plugin For WordPress

Introducing for the very first time
(and for a *very* limited time...)


All New
"Developer & VA 5-Pack" License

A Full-featured, 5-Site DAP License

Install DAP On Any 5 Web Sites.
The Web Sites May Belong To *Anyone*
[To Your Clients, To Your Partners,
Your Business Associates, Your Friends,
Your Family Members... and even to YOU]


The Fine Print - In Big Bold Letters

1) Support tickets may be opened only by
You (buyer of this license). Your clients
may not contact us directly for support.

2) Licenses are NOT for RESALE. May not be
sold separately, online or offline.


Feel free to bundle these licenses along with
your Product or Service. Or add-on a value-added
service - like membership site setup, installation,
support, wordpress setup, etc. Or even give these
away for free to your favorite clients.

Charge anything you wish for DAP installation,
configuration, maintenance, support, etc.

But you MAY NOT RESELL these licenses
separately, online or offline, digitally or physically.


5 Licenses For Only...





[* Regular Price of each 1-site license: $167
So 5 licenses would cost $167 x 5 = $835 ]

That's just over $99 per DAP license.
Cheaper than even using your own DAP affiliate link
to buy licenses for your clients.


Free Bonus Plugin
(a $97 value)

Free 5-Pack License Of
Wordpress Video Plugin
(to protect files on Amazon S3)



Fine Print Summary

Please read the text below carefully. This is meant to protect us from the abusers, spammers, hackers and unethical jerks out there. Not really meant for you. But we still have to do it to protect ourselves, so here goes some ugly warnings and disclaimers. Just don't let it scare you :-)

What You May & May Not Do With These 5 Licenses

  • If you are a developer, virtual assistant (VA), web designer, web programmer, web host, ASP, site manager or value-added reseller or service provider, then you can use these DAP licenses on your client's web sites. You may charge them whatever you deem fit for your services, which may include cost of a regular DAP license at regular prices as published on this web site, installation, support, site maintenance, etc.
  • Only you may open as many support tickets as you need to, on behalf of your clients, as you continue to install and use DAP on all of your client web sites.
  • You are essentiall our point-of-contact as far as DAP is concerned. We will never, ever solicit your clients or partners directly. We will only deal with you regarding the licenses and support.
  • You may package DAP as part of your product or service, and give away these licenses for free if you wish. But please remember that you will have to support the site owners. And if you need us to do any special troubleshooting or technical work (Eg., client deleted their database, the cat ate their files, they are moving their site to a new host, etc) by logging on your clients' web sites, we can do it anonymously, and we will bill you directly for any premium support (after you agree to it, of course), and you can in turn bill your client whatever price you choose to.
  • We will be on your team and help you learn DAP and manage DAP installations, so you can sign up more clients and make more money!
  • You may not resell these licenses, digitally or physically, individually or in multiples.
  • You may not offer it for sale online or offline
  • You may not tell your clients to come to us directly for support. We will not provide them support directly. We will only deal with you.
  • You may not compete with in pricing or in any other manner in marketing these licenses. For example, you may not say something to the effect of: "Hey, come and get a DAP license from us for $100 ($67 less than what they're selling it for at
  • We expect you to check back on these terms often, and also to check with us if you're not sure if a particular usage of the license is acceptable.
  • We are not lawyers, and we haven't thought about every abusive or disallowed situation. So if we find someone abusing these licenses, or using them in a manner that is detrimental to, its sales or its brand, then we reserve the right to first notify them of the situation, and if the situation cannot be resolved via proper dialogue, we may deactivate your license and no refunds will be given in such circumstances.



Unlimited Free Tech Support
& Software Upgrades For 1 Full Year


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